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User Review: DUB Tire Shine

Car care enthusiast and Youtube user Acc0rd79 picked up a can of the new DUB developed by Meguiar's Tire Shine for a video review. How does it stack up against the competition? Watch and see... Now available at Amazon, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, and Walmart stores.

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Wheel Cleaner Review at Auto Geek

The reviews are coming in and here's a real world wheel cleaner review from the Auto Geek community. The reviewer points out the value of the DUB line with performance that matches up to the much more expensive wheel cleaners.

"At SEMA this year, Meguiars announced several new products in the Ultimate line, as well as a totally new line created in collaboration with DUB. It consists of a spray detailer, a spray wax, an interior detailer, a tire shine, a metal polish, and of course, a wheel cleaner. The line is pretty mid to low end, and would likely have been passed by completely by Autogeek types. However, the wheel cleaner is notable and caught my eye for a couple reasons...

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