DUB is the original automotive lifestyles brand founded in 2000 and today consists of DUB Magazine, The DUB Show Tour, and DUB Products.

DUB Magazine

DUB Magazine

Since 2000, DUB Magazine has brought you a never-before-seen look into the lives of the hottest celebrities to find out what they drive and what drives them. DUB Magazine is the voice of the urban automotive universe and the lifestyle it has given rise to. At its core, DUB has taken the cachet of “the cars of the stars” and matched it with the aspirations of early adopting, trend-setting urban automotive enthusiasts.

The resulting hybrid has launched a multi-million dollar aftermarket industry and has enabled the DUB brand to extend its reach into everything from music to fashion to personal electronics and everything in between.

As the original “celebrity-driven vehicle” publication, DUB Magazine’s tell-it-like-it-is approach to “what’s hot and what’s not” has demonstrated the authenticity necessary to earn the reputation of being the go-to source for the latest developments within the automotive world and beyond by its readers, and the credibility to be considered the only real source for future trends in the urban automotive market by industry professionals and taste-makers alike. 

 Cutting-edge editorial, high-impact graphics and a commitment to its readers to keep them at the forefront of cool elevates DUB Magazine ahead of the imitators…


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